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Thursday, May 6, 2010

~How to Tell If Your Guy Is Lying~

These simple tactics can help you spot the lie, get him talking truthfully, and pave the way for a more trusting and honest relationship.

1. Take a mental picture of his usual behavior.
The way your guy behaves verbally and non-verbally when he's relaxed is what Crum calls a man's WIN (what is normal). The next time you are talking about the weather, plans for the weekend, or any other no-pressure topic, take note of his WIN -- does he clear his throat or gesture when he speaks? Only when you know his WIN will you be able to pick up on the subtle changes in body language, speech, and tone of voice that occur when he's trying to hide something.

2. Watch his posture.
You can notice the first sign of deception by watching how your guy's body reacts to a question. "When a man is at ease, he typically sits back in the chair, rests his hands on his legs or the arms of a chair, and crosses his legs," Crum says. These restful positions are called his sleep points. A question that he feels is threatening will cause those sleep points to "wake up." You'll notice him sit up, lean forward, uncross his legs, or display a new hand gesture.

3. Ask the right questions.
If your guy gave you reason to suspect he is lying and you want the truth, the way in which you question him can make or break his admission, says Crum. Let's say you ask him if he enjoyed the lunch that you packed him for work. If he says yes, but based on the reaction of his sleep points you feel like he's lying, your best strategy is to drop the subject for now. "If you accuse him of lying or bombard him with questions, he'll either go on the defensive or continue lying," Crum says. "Plus, he'll be more on guard next time you bring it up." Instead, give yourself time to find evidence that he's lying, or think about how you want to approach the subject next time. Then, try one of these questioning strategies:

4. Ask an assumptive question.
If you think he is being untruthful, you can turn that assumption into a question. In this case, you might assume that he went out for lunch and ask, "Where did you end up going for lunch yesterday?" "This creates the opportunity for him to acknowledge the truth without feeling pressured," Crum explains. "Plus, because the question forces him to come up with more than a yes or no response, it may be easier for him to come clean rather than think of an answer that makes sense."

5. Use a bait question.
If you find evidence of deception -- maybe you found the bag of lunch in the back of his car or a receipt from the pizzeria near his office -- you can use that evidence as bait to force an explanation. Try: "Is there any reason why there's a receipt for $10 from the pizzeria yesterday?" By asking about the evidence -- not pointing fingers -- he doesn't feel personally attacked, which makes him more likely to be honest. And maybe he'll admit that he doesn't really like tuna casserole, even if it was packed with love.

The Signs of Deception
If you still suspect your man is lying, note the common signs of deception so you can decide for yourself if he's being honest. These signals should throw up a red flag:

Listen for:

Stalling for time:
"Can we talk about this later?" or repeating the question.
Defensiveness: "I don't have to answer that."
Excuses: "I would never do that." Or, "I would never jeopardize our relationship."
Searching for specifics: "What's your point?" Or, "What are you trying to figure out?"
What ifs: "What if I said yes?"
Amnesia: "Not that I can remember." Or, "To the best of my knowledge..."
Details: Truthful men tell you the truth and answer your question, not tell you the whole story behind the truth. Deceptive men load up their response with more details than are necessary to answer your question.
Guilt twists: "Do you really think I would do that?" Or, "I thought you trusted me."
Sounds: Clearing his throat, coughing, voice change.
Qualifiers: "To be perfectly honest..." Or, "To tell you the truth..."

Look for:

Leg movements, shifting, tapping his fingers
Gesturing: Such as rubbing or wringing hands
Adjusting: Messing with his watch, glasses, or jewelry
Biting or inspecting his nails
Abnormal eye contact
Cleaning up his surroundings: Particularly when he's not usually a cleaner
Wiping sweat

cube r.. mne tau bkesan ke.. hehehe

aku geram ni ~mo0d xde~

ari ni aku rse ape yg aku wt sume sebe x kne... mo0d pn xde..hmmmm. asal ek. ni mst sal smlm.. ish. aku x pahm la laki ni. nth ape yg dia nk dr aku pn aku xtau. jp2 dia ok. baek jek... jp2 kang mnyakitkn ati... amende la.. aku pnat dh mngalah. fuuhh.. letih aku. nth2 ade pmpuan laen kot.. 2 jek la kmungkinannye... x psal2 nk hangin kt aku 2 pahal. ttbe jek nk mjuk ngn aku.. ske ati dia jek... kalo dh xnk kt aku 2 ckp jek la trus trnag. kn senang. xde la aku cm org bodo jek..... ni x. ekot mo0d dia jek nk mara2 aku.. ingt aku ni ape?? anak patung ke?? pk la gk prasaan aku.. adoyai.. bnyk kali dh kot wt aku cm ni... ape laaa..... x pham!! ish... ape la aku nk wt skang ek?? aku syg dia.. dia plk bole wt aku cm ni. bnyk kali lak 2.. asik mntk maap jek... kang wt gk mnde yg same.. ~haish~
letih dh aku.. dia x pnh ke pk sal prasaan aku ek?? pelik r. musykil. nk aku jek phm dia mmnjang.. aii... lebih r kn.
dh 2 prasaan aku ni sape lak nk jge?? ANTU KE?? npe la bnde ni asik jd kt aku jek... x ley ke aku rse bhagie cm org laen?? org laen ok jek aku tgk... baek jek antare 1 sme laen. sedih r... huuuu.... wahai LELAKI.. npe la kamu suke sgt wt pmpuan cm ni ek... kowng pn tau kn pmpuan ni snsitif... jge ler prasaan kami weh... jgn le lyn kteowng cm ni... lme dh aku bsabo... waaaaaaa!!!!!!! geramnye la hai... huhuhu.
~dh abes dh. skian time kaseh~ =(

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~gmbo2 pelik~

mcm2 ade dlm dunia ni kn... pelik2.. huhuhu. tp x tau la kbenarannye kn...

cbe kowng nengok gmbo2 kt bwah ni..

mcm2 ade.....

ni aku x tau la makhluk ape sbnrnye... pndai2 korg la ea...

yg ni lg la... cm alien pn ade...

yg ni lak ikan ade gg trlebey beso

cian org ni... idung dia tmbuh lg 1 kt dahi dia

ha. yg ni pn aku x tau la manusia spesis ape ni..

yg ni plak kalo bole sume tmpat dia nk tindik

ni aku x sure menatang ape nth

cube korg nengok btol2 gmbo ni.. cm bdn org kn??

yg ni korng mst pnh tengo kn?? ikan brkepale lutsinar

ni lg 1 plik. ikan pari ade kaki ke??

yg ni plk syur gegasi

act.. aku x tau r mnde2 ni btol ke x. tp x mustahil kn?? hehehe. korng tgk jek la yek.... huhuhu

~s@at b@Hgie~

~tANgGal 2 mAc 2010~
ari ni merupakan saat yg bhgie bg kdua pkcik n mkcik ku...

aku juge trut merase bahgie.. hahaha. ~poyo jek~
ari sbtu ari 2 aku skuarge berkonvoi ke mlake ngn 8 buah kete... waa.... bnykkn kete... hehehe
agk2 npe ek kete bnyk2 ni.... hehehe.
sbbnye..... ari 2 aku bwk rmbongan phak pkcik aku... dia nk tunang...
aku kn suke event2 yg cm ni... hahaha.

ni kek hntaran belah pkcik aku.... cntek kn..

ni lak kek hntaran belah mkcik aku,... ni pn cntek kn..

on d way nk g umah mkcik aku 2 bole lak sesat... trsalah msuk jln la... trlepas smpang la... mcm2....
tp at last smpai gk umah mkcik aku 2.... smpai2 jek kelam kabut la mkcik2 aku yg laen dok mnyusun hantaran2 yg kteorg bwk uh...
senang r keje mkcik2 aku uh coz anak2 dare rmai yg ekot trmasukla aku ni..... hntaran2 2 sumenye kteorg yg angkut... kalo dh bwk hntaran 2 mstila kne jln ngn penuh sopan & brhati2..
adoyaiii... pnat aku cntrol jln.. hahaha

ni la hntaran2nye

ni la anak2 dare yg tukang bwk hntaran2 uh.. tp tepi aku uh ayah dare... hahaha

smpai2 jek... mjlis pn strt...
abes jek mjlis 2... aku ngn spupu2 aku yg anak2 dare ni ape lg....
bposing abes r jd model kt mjlis tunang pkcik aku 2... hahaha.
2 yg best uh... ps puas posing cni.. posing sne... kteorg pn mkn..... huhuhu.
lapo gler.... hahaha.

ni dia 3 anak dare...

ni aku ngn spupu2 ku & bkal anty aku lg sorg..

yg ni lak mak2 kami...

kami lg....

my big family....

pape pn aku nk wish thniah kt pkcik & mkcik aku yg tlh slamat ditunangkn....
smoge mreke kekal.....
~amin~ ^_^

~fairuz maziah~


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